Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coming Out Day

I have been blogging for awhile now, but until today it was behind the corporate firewall.

I worked for a company that was uncomfortable with its employees blogging about their work. Our CTO had a blog, but he was asked by others to not blog anymore, so I decided that it was better to keep my blog internal and focus my blog to topics that were directly relevant to my colleagues.

Last Saturday was National Coming Out Day, so I decided that would be a great day to "come out" from behind the corporate firewall and start to share my ideas and thoughts more broadly.

I'll share more later this week, but for now I'd like to just like to introduce myself.

I am a software developer who has been programming professionally for 17 years.

I've spent the last five years building a web framework on top of ASP.NET to enable our company's product teams to build out extensible web applications for the insurance industry. You might think of our application as being to risk management what is to customer relationship management.

For the last four years I've shared the role of leading the team responsible for the application framework and shared components.
I've never found the insurance industry part all that interesting, but building a web application framework that supports custom plug-ins has presented some interesting challenges. Our team has been using ALT.NET ideas since the beginning of our project in 2003, such as a home grown ASP.NET MVC framework built on top of ASP.NET 1.x, and using Inversion of Control patterns to discover services that could be easily decorated and extended by our custom solutions.

This experience of building a shared framework for a hosted web application has been exciting, but it also makes me very excited about what Microsoft is posed to present at the PDC in Los Angeles.

For what it's worth, I'm also gay.  I've been out at work for my entire career, but I don't find it a very interesting or relevant fact in the workplace so I don't really make a big deal about it.  Since this post is about "coming out", though, I figured it might be appropriate to mention it.

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Kenan Dalley said...

I wish you good luck wherever you end up, Erik. It was good to work with you, and I hope you do well.