Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting Started with Azure Services Platform

The Azure Services Platform portal opened this afternoon and the downloads below became available.

UPDATE:  I've updated the links below to point to the new January 2009 release of the Azure SDK and Tools.   If you wish to learn more about what is new in this release, check out Jim Nakishima's post for more details.

One caveat with the new CTP:  it doesn't work with the Windows 7 beta.

One of the new features in the January CTP is Silverlight debugging support.  You can find a post on how to enable it here.

Download the code

Register for Services

After installing the tools, you will be able to work on a local instance of the cloud and begin writing code and debugging it locally.  However, in order to publish your code and test it, you need to first register for the services.

Log in with your Live ID and apply for access to the services CTP.

Microsoft is rightly giving first priority to those who paid for the conference registration, but I received my token in a few hours.

There will be two emails.  The first will contain the token and the subject will start with "!!Do Not Delete!!".   The second will contain a link where you can enter the token to gain access and provision your new CTP account.

You can still work locally while you wait for your token.

Dig in and learn

There are a lot of resources online to start.

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