Saturday, October 25, 2008

MSDN Developer Conference

Are you excited about all the content coming out of the Microsoft PDC, but don't have the cash in this recession to shell out $2400 and fly out to Los Angeles for the whole week? 

Yeah, me, too.

Fortunately, Microsoft understands and they really want to get you up to speed on their new Cloud Computing platform; after all, it's in their own best interest to bring developers onboard in order to make the platform succeed.

They are planning to bring a taste of the PDC to several major U.S. cities and will be hosting a one-day MSDN Developer Conference in for a mere $99

They mention "cool giveaways", too, which is probably marketing-speak for all the bits that you'll need to experiment and play with the technologies on your own after the conference, but I make no promises as to what will be included.

If you're interested, I suggest registering right away because space is probably going to be limited and I would expect these to fill up fast.

I'm already registered for the New York session, so I'll see you there.

12/9/08 Houston, TX
12/11/08 Orlando, FL
12/16/08 Atlanta, GA
1/13/09 Chicago, IL
1/13/09 Minneapolis, MN
1/16/09 Washington, DC
1/20/09 New York, NY
1/22/09 Boston, MA
1/22/09 Detroit, MI
1/26/09 Dallas, TX

San Francisco, CA


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