Sunday, November 2, 2008

PDC 2008 - "Oslo" Sessions

Tonight I finished viewing the "Oslo" sessions from the PDC last week.

So what is "Oslo"?  As pre-announced by Doug Purdy and Don Box, "Oslo" is

  • A textual language, "M" for authoring models and DSL's.
  • "Quadrant", which is a visual design surface for visualizing your models.
  • A repository for storing and sharing your models.

What is Oslo 

If you're interested, you can watch them online.

After you're done watching, if you're interested in learning more you can download the "Oslo" SDK October CTP from the MSDN "Oslo" Developer Center.


A lot of people think that this is all cool stuff, but are having a difficult time grokking why it is important. I'll try to explain why I'm excited about this new technology in another post later this week.

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