Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catching Up

I apologize.  I've been a lazy blogger. 

I’ve had lots of ideas to write about, but I’ve taken a position at a new firm and I’ve been dedicating myself to my first project.

This project took me to Cincinnati every week, and so I’ve been learning how to settle into the life of a jet set consultant.

It sounds much more glamorous than it is.   I don’t mind the actual travel, navigating the airports and TSA.  I’m a seasoned traveler and know how to avoid most of the common pitfalls.  Mostly, I have just missed being in New York during the week to do things in the city, like catch a play that is only on a Monday night or attend the local user groups during the week.

The travel has also eaten up most of my free time.  What wasn’t taken by travel has been spent apartment hunting and moving.  My lease was up and rent prices are dropping in NYC for the first time since I moved here, so I wanted to find a place where I could save more.  Between trips, I was able to find a new apartment in Astoria and I have finished the move.  Although there are still a lot of boxes waiting to be put away, it is starting to come together finally.

My project in Cincinnati has ended and I am back in NYC, so I am planning to catch up with my backlog of posts, so don’t be surprised to see a sudden flurry of activity before I am assigned to my next project.

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Dmitry said...

welcome back dude :)